Contact IoT USA

Not seeing what you are needing? Or need a custom quote for IoT devices or a customized solution to your application and/or industry please send us a detailed message outlining what you are needing and our support/implementation staff will be in touch with you!

While we have many IoT devices that can meet your requirements. Finding the right one that is most suitable and economical is the main issue for a lot of out customers!

In order to recommend the best IoT device, we need to have a general understanding about your project. Below is a list of questions that'll get this process started!

To understand a project, we need basic information such as:
1. Project purpose, for example, what result does end user want to achieve?
2. How many sensors / meters/ instruments are there in field? What are they?
3. What kinds of data / parameter do they output?
4. How do you need to output data? By RS485 serial port or I/O ports? Digital or Analog? This will decide what kinds of ports the IoT device need to have.
5. Where is the server for data? Local server or cloud platform? it support what protocol?
6. Whether cellular communication is a must? Whether ethernet cable communication is acceptable or not?
7. Whether the customer needs to do remote control , or just remote monitoring/ data logging only?