IoT USA: Connecting The World

IoT USA is an exclusive distributor for King Pigeon Communication Co. We specialize in LTE Industrial Routers, Industrial IoT Gateways, Cellular RTUs and Ethernet IO Modules. We are dedicated to the improvement of IoT Solutions Technology and the development of new and innovative IoT solutions to address the increasingly rigorous demands placed on worldwide communications, remote monitoring and actions. 

IoT USA Corporate Office

We Work Where Data Moves

By the time you finish reading this sentence, more than 23 billion connected IoT devices around the world will transmit over 430 trillion bytes of data communications across applications in smart cities, transportation systems, medical operations, precision agriculture and industrial environments, allowing us to access critical information instantaneously. The devices and machines that operate in the most demanding environments rely on IoT solutions from IoT USA.

From vast oil fields and evolving cities to intensive care units and factory floors, we connect the millions of sensors, valves, and components that allow these critical infrastructures to carry out their tasks. Even in the most demanding environments, IoTUSA provides the essential layer of remote monitoring and management that IoT (Internet of Things) communications depend on.

Our customers are pushing the boundaries of their industries and exploring the possibilities for what’s next. They have innovative ideas, big problems to solve, and aggressive goals. Budgets are tight, deadlines are looming, and their success depends on the ability to make smarter decisions faster. That’s where IoT USA can help!.

IoT USA puts proven technology to work for our customers so they can connect complex networks and take new products from ideation to deployment. We bring visions and innovations to life with machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable. IoT USA: Connect Anything!